About Us

Amarillo Montessori Academy (AMA) was founded in 1968. The first class had 19 children ages 3-5. Currently we serve over 230 children ages 6 weeks through the 5th grade. During the summer we also take children through the completion of their third grade year.

AMA, while licensed as a daycare, is much more. All of the teachers are Montessori certified. Jump ‘N Shine is a part of the preschool and bridge curriculum. They are at the school every Monday and Wednesday morning. The preschool and bridge classes have a weekly hour-long Spanish lesson. This lesson is aimed at the children learning basic Spanish words. La Dee Da is also a part of the curriculum for all the classes twice a month.

“Amarillo Montessori Academy’s mission is to foster independent, confident, academically prepared, and socially responsible citizens, who will be lifelong learners and problem solvers.”

The proceeds received from Wing Wars will go towards building a new gymnasium for kids! To help fund this support, please attend our Wing Wars event! To learn more about this, visit Wing Wars.

We have finally broken ground for the new gymnasium. All permits are in place and architectural drawings are complete. Check out our grand start here on the left.