Testimonial“Amarillo Montessori has been an extraordinary experience for our family. My child started reading at 3, and she now reads on a 2nd to 3rd grade level. She is 5 years old. I appreciate everything AMA has done for her. “ Allison M.

“Our children have flourished at AMA. The teachers are loving, nurturing, and have a genuine interest in their development.” Karen H.

“I have been associated with Amarillo Montessori Academy since 2005 have had 3 children come through the school and later go on to public school for Kindergarten. Time and time again I have recommended AMA to friends looking for positive places to take their children. We love the Montessori method because it truly teaches the child independence and self-discipline. The work is individually paced and child centered. The experiences they get in the Montessori class is unlike anything you will see in a daycare or early childhood classroom setting. All three of my children have excelled in reading, number sense, and scientific concepts leaving Montessori and going into Kindergarten. The real value for me is the nurturing and individual support they have received from teachers, classroom aides and office staff over the years. From my oldest who is a voracious reader to my middle child who is super creative to my youngest who had some special needs, each of my children were taught in a way that allowed them to take some control over their own learning. This has created children who are confident, independent, curious, self controlled, life long learners and for that I will be forever grateful!” Dawn P. – AMA parent from 2005-2013

“Our two children went to Amarillo Montessori Academy from the time they were six weeks till they were five years old. We are very pleased with the education they both received during their time there. Both of our children transitioned into public school with no problems. The Amarillo Montessori Academy gave our children a head start in school and we attribute their success to the early learning they received. “ Rudy M.

“Both our children attended Amarillo Montessori Academy. They flourished under the individual instruction and pace of the program. Our son was a full grade year ahead of his classmates in English and Math when he began public schools.” Greg and Michelle M.