The aim of the Amarillo Montessori Academy toddler program is to assist children as they experience the basic human tasks of trust, separation, independence, and self-control. The focus is both on curriculum and materials, and on helping the toddler respond to the rapid and conflicting changes of this developmental age.

In a Montessori toddler environment, children develop feelings of support, security, and self esteem. Children are guided toward appropriate behaviors through a non-judgmental atmosphere that offers consistency; children come to
understand the balance between freedom and limits

Most toddlers quickly adjust to the Montessori environment. Out of their newfound freedom of movement, there eventually comes a flourishing of concentration on an enticing activity. Despite minor distractions, children focus and engage in hands-on activity, music and songs, group time, and they participate both in the daily care of their class an in their own personal care. Patience, self-control, and respect of peers begin to develop, as children become contributing members of their new community.

Toddlers are learning to use language skills, both verbal and non-verbal to solve conflicts in social situations. Your child is maturing his/her ability to carry on extended conversations and request help. Gestures and physical communication remain valid ways of communicating, but they diminish as the child’s phrases and simple sentences are understood. As words become a primary means of communication, we must be careful however; not to attribute an understanding to the toddler that he or she does not yet possess.

Our toddler classes incorporate the “High Reach” curriculum into their daily schedule along with the traditional Montessori materials. While the classrooms are rich in materials that promote expanding language, this curriculum allows us to share our curriculum with the parents. “High Reach” provides a take-home packet every month so that parents can collaborate with the teacher by using the same rhymes, songs, stories and vocabulary pictures at home.