Infant Care

InfantsThe goal of our infant care program here in Amarillo, Texas is to foster the development of trust, assisting in the natural evolution of the young child’s personality. We know that trust is cultivated in an environment where teachers respond attentively to the infant’s need to be loved and accepted. During these first formative years, we maintain our focus on the infant’s need for individual care and attention.

Knowing that infants learn by exploring and by responding to gentle touch, your child is allowed to move freely about and interact with the teachers and their surroundings. Whether they are enthusiastically manipulating an interesting toy, quietly exploring the secrets of a mirror, or calmly enjoying a song, your child is encouraged toward emotional and intellectual independence in the classroom.

The Infant Care at Amarillo Montessori Academy has 2 classrooms. One is our mobile infant classroom and the other is our infant classroom.

Our experienced teachers know that through the quality of holding, feeding, and communicating, children acquire a strong and positive sense of self. Our infant classrooms are rich environments for expanding language. Our “High Reach” curriculum allows the teachers to share what the children are learning in class with the parents on a weekly basis. Parents take home stories, songs, and vocabulary cards so that we can partner with families in shepherding the infant’s total development.

Infants bring special joy and need special care as they go about their very important and unique work of physical, emotional, and cognitive growth. Our job is to provide an atmosphere that communicates unconditional love and acceptance; in turn, our quality care permits you to feel secure as you attend to your own daily activities.